THINK OUTSIDE BRINGS OUTDOOR EDUCATION TO YOU!!  Your yard or green space becomes the classroom for many enriching lessons. THINK OUTSIDE values programming that focuses on community. This community could be within nature, the classroom and the school.  Using the outdoors as a tool for exploration, learning and play allows for students to make more meaningful connections to each other and their natural world.


Nancy is an engaging outdoor educator that has been teaching in the outdoor classroom for the last 25 years.  Her sense of fun and genuine connection with the children creates a positive learning atmosphere.  She values inquiry and exploration of our natural world through experiential learning and hands on activities. As a certified teacher, she has had incredible teaching opportunities in the past which have included Outdoor Education at Fleming College,  teaching at several different Outdoor Centres, directing Summer Camps and teaching at KPRDSB and with ALIVE Outdoors.  Her vast programming experience coupled with her sense of fun and exploration allows children to connect with their natural world and each other in a playful yet meaningful way.  

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